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90’s Nirvana

This may be my most contradictory¬†thought, considering I live for lace, glitter and twirl, but yesterday I was feeling a bit of rebellion against my closet, deeming everything too “sweet”.¬† In my brief moment of wardrobe angst, I found myself eyeing my most grunge-worthy fall flannel in an effort to channel my inner ’90’s rocker.¬† Of course it’s tough to maintain an angst-y attitude when you find yourself inclined to pirouette like a ballerina while skipping out the door, but that’s not to say I didn’t give it my best effort.

{H&M dress (similar), cuff (similar) and bangles (similar); Old Navy flannel (similar); Schutz heels; Forever 21 “love” bracelet; vintage assorted bracelets and earrings; Ray Ban sunglasses}

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