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Simple Weekends


This weekend was perfect in it’s uneventfulness.  We rode our bikes around town (a lot), ate most of our meals outside, and just recharged.  Sometimes the best weekends — and outfits — are best in their simplicity.

simpleweekends_2 simpleweekends_3 simpleweekends_4 simpleweekends_5 simpleweekends_6 {Forever 21 sweater; Loft shorts; Comme Des Garçons for Converse sneakers; misc. bracelet; Vault sunglasses}

Some Days


This was one of those weeks where I had my days all mixed up, thinking Thursday was Wednesday and Wednesday was Friday, and so on and so forth.  Needless to say, sticking to a simple outfit — a great little black dress from the cutest online boutique paired with cognac sandals, was about as much of an effort towards getting ready as I could handle.  I truly mean it when I say TGIF!

somedays_2 somedays_3 somedays_4 somedays_5 {Girls from Savoy dress; Just Fabulous sandals; Ray Ban sunglasses; misc. bracelet; Asos earrings}

Embroidered Details


Embroidered details have an uncanny ability to make me do a double take when I’m shopping.  It’s what originally drew me to this skirt, and then to this floral tee.  From a distance it’s hard to pick up on the textures meshing, but these two pieces together marry in the most perfect way.

embroidereddetails_2 embroidereddetails_3 embroidereddetails_4 embroidereddetails_5 embroidereddetails_6 {J. Crew skirt (similar from J. Crew Factory); Loft top; Just Fabulous wedges; H&M necklace (similar from Asos); Asos earrings; Ray Ban sunglasses}

Farmer’s Tee


You know when you find a t-shirt that’s so perfectly soft you just want to live in it?  That’s kind of how I feel about this tee from our neighborhood farmer’s market.  It’s been my go-to laze around shirt, but sometimes you just want to make those kind of pieces transition into a slightly more dressed up outfit.  I paired the heather blue tee with a bold graphic and gingham heels that remind me of picnics, and, well, the farmer’s market.

farmerstee_2 farmerstee_3 farmerstee_4 {Target skirt; local farmer’s market t-shirt; ShoeMint heels; eBay sunglasses; Asos earrings}

Day at the Lake


I picked up these shorts back when we were in Tennessee and it was still just a bit too chilly to wear them.  They were on sale, lace, and slightly oversized with an elastic waist making them cute, comfortable, and too good to pass up.  Combined with the softest button-down I’ve yet to find, the look felt very pajama-inspired, but in a vintage, day-by-the-lake-in-a-Panama-hat sort of way.

dayatthelake_2 dayatthelake_3 dayatthelake_4 dayatthelake_5 {Loft top; Peach shorts (similar from Nordstrom); Just Fabulous sandals; J. Crew hat; Vault sunglasses (similar from Asos)}