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Best Gift Ever


Not to be overly cheesy, but I feel beyond blessed to be surrounded by such amazingly inspiring women and this is the perfect time of year to show them just how amazing and how appreciated they are with the perfect holiday gift.  Unfortunately, my own budget doesn’t quite allow for me to gift to everyone on that list, so when I was challenged by TJMaxx, Marshalls, and Homegoods to pay it forward this season and find some of those special people the #BestGiftEver, I could think of no better opportunity to spread some holiday cheer.

First up on my list?  My Gram.  She’s been such a huge part of my life and has had a big impact on the woman I’ve become.  She’s been battling Alzheimer’s but that doesn’t meant she’s lost her sass.  I watched a documentary on Netflix recently that dug deeper into the impact music can have in combatting memory loss, and all the restorative benefits.  My grandmother is most definitely a fighter so we’ve been compiling a playlist ever since.  The only problem was finding the perfect headphones that would fit comfortably over her ears.  Marshalls to the rescue!  And better yet, they’re in one of her favorite colors so she’s just going to love them!  We also picked up a few frames so she could keep photos of our family close at hand.



From Marshalls I headed over to TJMaxx where I found the perfect gift for my friend, Jessica.  She’s a single mom who somehow manages to juggle it all.  I know she’s got a tough job, but she’s great at it.  Her daughter comes first, so I know she doesn’t have many opportunities to spoil herself, which is why when I spotted this designer handbag I knew it was the perfect present.  It’s big enough for everything she might need day-to-day with room to spare for whatever her daughter might want to toss inside.

bestgiftever_4 bestgiftever_5

The last stop was Homegoods for a very special lady on my list named Ruth.  This lady is something else.  She is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met, has impeccable style, and recently kicked cancer’s butt.  To top it all off, she’s always been one my of my biggest cheerleaders.  Since she’s always chilly I got her the plushest blanket in a soft blue I know she’ll adore, but I couldn’t resist also grabbing this luxe reminder of just how incredibly courageous she is.

bestgiftever_6 bestgiftever_7 {H&M sweater (similar styles below) and dress; ShoeMint heels; Wolford tights; Asos jacket; American Eagle scarf (similar styles below); misc. sunglasses from eBay}

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a Rafflecopter giveaway*All gifts were found at Marshalls, TJMaxx, and Homegoods.

Reds and Greens


Holy Toledo, is Christmas really only two days away?  The holiday totally snuck up on me this year, and as prepared as I thought I was, it’s become quite apparent that we’re actually still very behind.  The tree might not be decorated (with the exception of some strings of lights), I still have cooking to do to prep for hosting Christmas Eve dinner, and we have a few last-minute gifts to grab and tons more to wrap, but I’m full-on in the festive spirit, at least in terms of my outfit choices.  I know we’ll get everything done, we always do, and all while singing carols in my best reds and greens.

redsandgreens_2 redsandgreens_3 redsandgreens_4 redsandgreens_5 redsandgreens_6 {New York & Company pants; J. Crew top; ShoeMint heels; Ray Ban sunglasses}

Holiday Survival


It feels like this season has been more jam-packed than ever before.  Early mornings and late nights, dinner parties, and running around have meant there’s been a lot of coffees, red wine, and sore feet lately.  One of my favorite secret weapons for surviving the long days lately have been these little flats that fold up to perfectly fit in my purse — hello, feet savers!  Plus ballet flats are just the thing for spontaneous holiday dance parties.


Another secret weapon I have up my sleeve this season?  I’ve also been relying on the NovaWhite teeth whitening gel to keep my smile bright between lattes and merlots, and I’m sharing an exclusive discount code with all of you.  Use code RF15 for 15% off.

secretweapons_3 secretweapons_4 secretweapons_5 {℅ Linge flats; H&M top (similar styles below); Talula dress from Artizia; American Eagle hat; misc. sunglasses from eBay; Just Fabulous heels}

Neon Pop


There’s nothing wrong with a muted color palette on grey December days, but just the littlest pop of neon really shakes things up.

neonpop_2 neonpop_3 neonpop_4 neonpop_5 {H&M dress; J. Crew sweater; Gap kids hat (similar styles below); Just Fabulous boots; misc. sunglasses from eBay}

Prep Blues


I often shy away from layering collared tops because more often than not the resulting look becomes a little too preppy for my personal style.  Some days though, I can’t resist the desire to pull on a blue button-down, and a swingy tent dress and statement chain necklace manage to tone down the school girl vibe just a touch.

prepblues_2 prepblues_3 prepblues_4 {Loft button-down; Asos dress (similar styles below); Wolford tights; Asos necklace (similar from Asos); ShoeMint booties; Ray Ban sunglasses}