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Day at the Lake


I picked up these shorts back when we were in Tennessee and it was still just a bit too chilly to wear them.  They were on sale, lace, and slightly oversized with an elastic waist making them cute, comfortable, and too good to pass up.  Combined with the softest button-down I’ve yet to find, the look felt very pajama-inspired, but in a vintage, day-by-the-lake-in-a-Panama-hat sort of way.

dayatthelake_2 dayatthelake_3 dayatthelake_4 dayatthelake_5 {Loft top; Peach shorts (similar from Nordstrom); Just Fabulous sandals; J. Crew hat; Vault sunglasses (similar from Asos)}

Pineapple Pep Squad


I’m a big fan of most anything pineapple and even though it hasn’t made a RF appearance since last July, it makes me smile every morning when I spot it in my closet.  I paired it a little differently this time around, opting for a sportier flair with a varsity-style tee and studded sandals, but no matter how you slice it, this print packs a pop.

pineapplepepsquad_2 pineapplepepsquad_3 pineapplepepsquad_4 pineapplepepsquad_5 pineapplepepsquad_6 {J. Crew skirt (similar from Asos here, from YesStyle, or J. Crew Factory); H&M studded sandals (similar from Steve Madden); Ray Ban sunglasses; J. Crew bracelet; American Eagle top}

Sunny Yellow


I’m sure you’ve noticed that I don’t stray from the aviator style of sunglasses all that often.  My trusty Ray Bans are always close at hand, so much so that I picked up a few inexpensive pairs with colored-mirror lenses just to switch it up.  I know what I feel most comfortable in, and for me that’s my fail-safe aviators.  I do own other shades though, like this pair I grabbed during a BlueFly sale two years ago, and some days you just want to reach for something different.  That said, I’m always looking for great new shapes and styles so if you have any suggestions throw them my way!

sunnyyellow_2 sunnyyellow_3 sunnyyellow_4 sunnyyellow_5 {South Moon Under dress (old, similar from Asos); H&M sandals (sold out, similar from J. Crew); House of Harlow sunglasses; Asos ankle cuff (worn as an arm cuff)}



These gladiator sandals arrived at my doorstep two weeks ago and I’ve been patiently waiting to break them in.  They’re complicated to put on, but they add the fiercest impact to even the girliest of jeweled shift dresses.  I’m hooked even if I need to allot for an extra 10 minutes to get ready and out the door on the days I wear them.

fierce_2 fierce_3 fierce_4 {Ann Taylor dress; J. Crew bracelet; Asos earrings; Just Fabulous Lennon sandals; eBay sunglasses}

Rain Hair


Some days you just know there’s no point in wasting much time on your hair, and so far this week has been full of them.  Yesterday I just about gave up all together, only taking the time to half dry it before running out the door.  Paired with an outfit with an easygoing tee and button-down combo, the “beachy” waves didn’t feel too out-of-place.  And I felt much less upset when it started pouring halfway through the day knowing I’d spent all of 5 minutes doing my hair.

rainhair_2 rainhair_3 rainhair_4 rainhair_5 rainhair_6 {Loft shirt (similar from Loft); Forever 21 tee (similar from Forever 21); J. Crew skirt; Just Fabulous wedges; Ray Ban sunglasses}