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New Do


So you may or may not have noticed, but last week I chopped off a good deal of my hair.  (Truth be told, I’ve come into contact with quite a few family members and friends since last Thursday’s haircut and no one really noticed.)  Whether or not it seems like a big change to anyone else, this new ‘do feels like a big change to me, and I’m having fun revisiting old pieces in my closet with this new style.  Everything just feels lighter after you lose six or so inches of hair.

newdo_2 newdo_3 newdo_4 newdo_5 newdo_6 {H&M dress (similar from Asos); Alex and Ani and J. Crew bracelets; Asos shoes; Catbird rings; Vault sunglasses (similar from Asos)}

Summer Belts


I’ve realized lately that I definitely need to find a proper place in my new closet for storing belts, since they currently tend to get overlooked and forgotten about.  I needed a belt to add a little something to this dress yesterday, and during my hunt for the perfect complement I re-discovered this vintage gem.  Some accessories just scream summer, and this one, made of rope and leather with a very nautical clasp, added just a bit of contrast and a decidedly August vibe for an evening stroll around the city.

summerbelts_2 summerbelts_3 summerbelts_4 summerbelts_5 summerbelts_6 summerbelts_7 {Girls From Savoy dress; vintage belt (very similar from Athleta); Just Fabulous wedges; Alex and Ani bracelet; Asos earrings; Ray Ban sunglasses; Catbird rings}

Sunsets and Sparkle


I love summer and the way the warm nights stretch on longer than in any other season.  A 7 o’clock golden hour just feels more magical, especially when the sunset is bouncing off a skirt of gold sequins.

sunsetsandsparkle_2 sunsetsandsparkle_3 sunsetsandsparkle_4 sunsetsandsparkle_5 sunsetsandsparkle_6 sunsetsandsparkle_7 {J. Crew tee; Mindy Mae’s Market skirt; Just Fabulous sandals; Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses from Nordstrom Rack; Alex and Ani bracelets}

Leopard Dash


White eyelet always feels so fresh and sweet, and even a little touch of leopard can’t change that.  It does add a dash of the unpredicted though, and a bit of unexpected fun is what summer weekends are all about.

leoparddash_2 leoparddash_3 leoparddash_4 leoparddash_5 leoparddash_6 leoparddash_7 {Girls from Savoy dress; Target belt;  Just Fabulous sandals; Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses from Nordstrom Rack; J. Crew cuff}

Sweet Sailing


I love this little dress and wanted to make sure I got at least one wear in before the end of summer.  It’s definitely got a bit of a nautical feel to it, and while I loved the look of it with yesterday’s red heels, it was one sailor hat away from becoming a touch too costumey.  Instead I swapped in my jeweled slides for a relaxed look that felt just right with my new long bob.

sweetsailing_2 sweetsailing_3 sweetsailing_4 sweetsailing_5 {Girls From Savoy dress; H&M sandals (similar from J. Crew); Ray Ban sunglasses; J. Crew bracelet}