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Linen Knit


Slouchy linen sweaters and flouncy skirts are the perfect pairing for these in-between spring days where the weather fluctuates from warm and beautiful and cool and rainy.  The knitted alternative to wool and cotton has become a favorite transitional layering option for this time of year, for just a little warmth and a lot of comfort.

linenknit_2 linenknit_3 linenknit_4 linenknit_5 linenknit_6 {℅ Jigsaw London sweater; Zara skirt; Nine West heels; J. Crew cuff; Ray Ban sunglasses}


With Ease


Today we’re heading down for our annual road trip to beautiful Tennessee.  The procrastinater that I am, I’ve spent the last few days running around trying to take care of any last-minute errands, so easy pieces have been a necessity.  I’ve shied away from my maxi’s for a while now, but this slinky black one is so effortless to throw on and go without worry of wrinkling that it felt pulled together even if I felt a bit frazzled.

withease_2 withease_3 withease_4 withease_5 {J. Crew jacket; H&M dress (similar from Forever 21); ℅ Just Fabulous Lissandra sandals; eBay sunglasses; Alex and Ani bracelet; ℅ Gold & Gray bracelet; misc. belt (similar from Forever 21)}


Little White Dress


We had quite the eventful weekend, but it started with our four-month old puppy accidentally scratching my cornea Friday morning — ouch.  Needless to say it was very painful and I spent the rest of the weekend trying not to put too much strain on my eye, which included avoiding the computer screen.  This was my post-wedding, casual Sunday outfit (minus the eye patch), and I must say, I’m beyond ecstatic that the weather is finally warm enough to officially bring my little white dresses back into rotation.  For me there’s nothing easier than throwing on a little white dress after an action-packed weekend.

littlewhitedress_2 littlewhitedress_3 littlewhitedress_4 littlewhitedress_5 {Asos jacket (similar from Asos); Gap dress (similar from Gap); H&M shoes (similar from Steve Madden); Alex and Ani bracelet; eBay sunglasses}


Peek-a-Boo Hem


My love for the midi skirt is unending, and the addition of a peek-a-boo hem detail is the icing on the cake.  It’s subtly flirty and unexpected, but still sweet and feminine, making it just the piece to wear into the weekend.

peekaboohem_2 peekaboohem_3 peekaboohem_4 peekaboohem_5 {℅ Damsel skirt; J. Crew shirt (similar from Asos) and heels; Asos necklace; Ray Ban sunglasses; misc. bracelet}


Everyday Essentials

everydayessentials_1 The one accessory I never leave the house without is a bold lip.  Bold reds, vibrant pinks, deep oranges, whatever the shade it’s the finishing touch that instantly makes me feel pulled together, even if I’m just in a t-shirt and jeans.  The downside with always wearing a lip color is that it can wind up just about everywhere — coffee cups, the bf’s cheek, on my lunch (and no matter how pretty the color, I never want to be eating it), so to avoid those less than ideal lipstick locations, I always keep a pack of tissues close by.  In the past you might have found random loose tissues stuffed inside pockets or boring travel packs buried in my purse in a less than fashionable manner, but now that Isaac Mizrahi teamed up with Kleenex I can carry them around in style.  Needless to say the Kleenex Slim Packs have made it much less embarrassing for me to reach for a tissue between touch-ups, since they’re cute, even on-the-go.

everydayessentials_2 everydayessentials_3 everydayessentials_4 everydayessentials_5 {Forever 21 t-shirt; ℅ Just Fabulous denim; ℅ Grayson Shop jacket; J. Crew heels; House of Harlow sunglasses; Alex and Ani bracelet; ℅ Gold & Gray bracelet}

And the Kleenex Slim Packs six packs come with a mix of prints and patterns so I can make sure they compliment whatever I’m wearing, like how I may have coordinated this pack to my shoes.

everydayessentials_closeup Full disclosure: this post is sponsored by Kleenex, but all opinions are my own.