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Money Pit

If you follow Raving Fashionista on Twitter, you may already have an idea of what’s going on, but I had hinted at some exciting news a couple of weeks back.  That news was that the bf and I had put an offer in on our first home, and our offer was accepted (yay!).  Unfortunately, I’d also hinted at our emotional roller-coaster.  After having the home inspected closer, it turns out that it was more of a money pit than a dream house.  We have officially walked away from the deal, but we’re keeping our hopes as high as I keep my heels (which is pretty high), and we’re certain that our house is out there still and we’ll love it even more than this last one.

{American Eagle Aerie tops; Forever 21 pants; ShoeMint heels; vintage pearls, sunglasses and earrings; handmade (by my stepdad) bracelet}

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