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The bf and I headed up to New York City yesterday to attend the Independent Fashion Blogger Conference.  While the content (and goodie bags) you’re able to take away from any blogger conference is great, what truly makes these events worthwhile are the opportunities they allow for connecting face-to-face with fellow bloggers and peers.  The day was well spent meeting several new-to-me bloggers, like Kristin and Mary, catching up with friends made at conferences past, like Kiley, and even chatting with a blogger who’s style I’ve long admired and respected, Karen of WDUGT.  All-in-all it was a good day spent amongst great company.

{Express blouse; Warehouse skirt via Asos; Guess booties; Michael Kors purse via TJ Maxx; Michael Kors watch; Lia Sophia and vintage bracelets (left wrist); Walmart chain bracelets (right wrist); Jessica Buurman ring; vintage belt and sunglasses; misc. earrings}

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