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Blue Suede Bliss

This week was the kind that tests your tolerance for stress.  A small fender bender leaving an immobile vehicle and pile of bills in its wake, fickle weather patterns that can’t help but affect one’s mood, and the anxiety that comes with a website makeover have all been tugging at my nerves.  I’ve tried my best to keep it together, and I’m lucky to have an ever patient bf to remind me to breath and pour a glass of wine when need be.  I’ve decided to focus only on the things that make me happy this weekend; like spending time with family and friends, taking long summer walks at dusk, eating outside whenever possible and the relishing in the joy that comes from wearing a beautiful pair of blue suede shoes.

{Forever 21 dotted blouse and bracelet (top); H&M sherbet shorts; Jessica Simpson Pai blue suede heels; Urban Outfitters blue leather purse; vintage bracelet (middle); Lia Sophia bracelet (bottom); misc. earrings}

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