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Breakfast with Effy


This was what I wore Tuesday to attend a breakfast at the Effy headquarters and jewelry factory.  Not only was I treated to a morning well spent with fabulous bloggers and Lucky Magazine staff, playing dress up with beautiful jewelry, but I also had the unique experience of seeing just what goes into creating each gorgeous piece.  The quality craftsmanship and attention to detail involved in each part process, from the initial concept to the setting of each stone to the final polishing, gave me a much greater appreciation of these beautiful accessories.  Not to mention having the opportunity to load my fingers up with diamonds and gemstones before noon was basically a dream come true.

Check out the Effy collections for yourself; I’m smitten for the Diversa and the Signature collections myself.

effy_2effy_3effy_4effy_5{H&M jacket and dress; Bakers booties (last seen here); Ray Ban sunglasses; Spanx reversible tights}

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