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Put your label on this look:

Rain Hair


Some days you just know there’s no point in wasting much time on your hair, and so far this week has been full of them.  Yesterday I just about gave up all together, only taking the time to half dry it before running out the door.  Paired with an outfit with an easygoing tee and button-down combo, the “beachy” waves didn’t feel too out-of-place.  And I felt much less upset when it started pouring halfway through the day knowing I’d spent all of 5 minutes doing my hair.

rainhair_2 rainhair_3 rainhair_4 rainhair_5 rainhair_6 {Loft shirt (similar from Loft); Forever 21 tee (similar from Forever 21); J. Crew skirt; Just Fabulous wedges; Ray Ban sunglasses}

Basic Black


You’d think throwing on a long-sleeved, black dress in mid-July would be torture, but when it’s in a light-as-linen material it’s actually the perfect piece for a grey and rainy summer day.  Plus it’s the perfect backdrop for my newest ankle cuffs — my current accessory obsession.

basicblack_2 basicblack_3 basicblack_4 {Lou & Grey for Loft dress; J. Crew sandals; Asos ankle cuffs and bar earrings; eBay sunglasses}

Laid Back


There’s something to be said for a Sunday with nothing definitive on your plate.  We all slept in (pup included, surprisingly!) and had a lazy Sunday morning, complete with a movie and brownies for breakfast.  Sure we got a few chores done and ran some errands later in the day, but it was beyond nice to just kick back and relax a little.

laidback_2 laidback_3 laidback_4 laidback_5 laidback_6 {Forever 21 skirt (similar from Chic Wish); Lou & Grey for Loft tee; J. Crew bracelet; Just Fabulous sandals; Ray Ban sunglasses; Miriam Merenfeld necklace}

Unexpected Finds


This dress is definitive proof that I can shop anywhere.  If you’ve never been to or heard of the Christmas Tree Shop, well, you’re missing out because despite what the name might suggest, they don’t actually have Christmas Trees (or decorations) – at least not outside of the Christmas season.  Instead they have every imaginable thing that you never knew you even needed, from lobster plates and palm tree drink ware to dining room tables and grills.  Its one of those stores where if you’re not careful, you can go in for one thing only to spend hours there and come out with a cart full of treasures; kind of like Target.  But I’ve never considered buying any clothing from there, nor did I know they even had clothing until I spotted this dress on my way to check out.  I spotted it out of the corner of my eye and between the white lace and flowy shape (an obvious draw for me) and $9 price tag I was sold.  This isn’t the first and it probably won’t be the last time I buy an outfit from the most unlikely of places.

unexpectedfinds_2 unexpectedfinds_3 unexpectedfinds_4 unexpectedfinds_5 unexpectedfinds_6 {Christmas Tree Shop dress; Forever 21 scarf (similar from Forever 21); J. Crew bracelet; H&M sandals; Just Fabulous bag; eBay sunglasses}

Learning Curve


I could be an admittedly tough kid to shop for clothes for growing up.  I was fickle with fashion and if it proved to be too over-the-top or in the wrong material, it was sure to be shunned.  For instance, I wanted those light up sneakers for MONTHS and when my mom finally gave in I wore them for the first time to a movie only to be mortified when they started lighting up mid-showing (I was sitting on the aisle), so I swore them off for good.  Or if a sweater had the slightest “itch” to it (there’s nothing worse than an itchy sweater), it would sit in the back of my closet untouched, tags still attached. You live and you learn though, and when my mom popped over with this surprise purchase the other day, it was a much appreciated treat.  The simple, grey color and no-fuss silhouette make it one of those easy to throw on pieces, and prove my mom has gotten much better at figuring out how to shop for me over the years — stick with the classics and be weary of wool.

learningcurve_2 learningcurve_3 learningcurve_4 learningcurve_5 learningcurve_6 {A.N.A. for JC Penny dress; Old Navy neon belt (similar from Target and J. Crew); H&M necklace (similar from Asos or Asos); Just Fabulous sandals; eBay sunglasses}