Weather Drama


Yesterday the weather did that funny little thing where it hopped from pouring rain to sunny skies.  It was fine for the better part of the day that I was stuck inside dragging my feet on my packing and work obligations, but it was a whole other, not so funny, story when it was time to go outside to take photos and run last-minute, pre-trip errands.  Not five minutes after I waltzed outside happily smiling that the sun was shining and the rain seemed to have come to an end for the day, when the sky opened up and I suddenly found myself running inside to change into something a little dryer.  It’s a shame too, the drama of the skirt felt very fitting to the weather’s dramatic temperament.

weatherdrama_2 weatherdrama_3 weatherdrama_4{H&M dress worn as a top (previously seen here); Kimchi Blue skirt via Urban Outfitters (similar); ShoeMint heels; J. Crew earrings; American Eagle sunglasses}