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Quality Time

You know those days where no matter what anyone says to try to sympathize with your frazzled nerves, it just doesn’t help.  When you hit a point where if you hear one more person say, “It will all work out,” you know you just may scream?  Yea, the bf and I have been having more of those days lately than either of us would care to admit.  You may already know we’re buying a house, or rather, we’re in the process of buying one.  A very. long. process.  And between the constant wondering, worrying and following up with contractors, consultants and realtors — and work of course — the bf and I have realized that instead of letting the craziness and stress take over completely, sometimes you just need to let a few things fall to the wayside, take a deep breathe, and carve out a little quality time for each other so we don’t completely loose our cool.  Yesterday that little bit of time came in the form of an early evening stroll through a local farmers market to pick up some fresh veggies… and maybe a couple of beers.

{H&M dress (similar); vintage belt (similar), bag and bracelet (similar); Old Navy wedges (also seen here); Michael Kors watch; August hat via Nordstrom Rack (also seen here)}

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