Silver Linings

It’s always best to look for the silver lining in a situation, so when my car “broke down” yesterday — aka ran out of gas — on my way to meet the bf and some friends for brunch, I decided to try to make the best of it.  Thankfully I was carrying my THEIT bag with me, since you never know when a photo opportunity will take place, so after the bf came to my rescue, instead of lecturing me for letting my gas tank get so low, he agreed to take the time to snap some outfit photos.  Of course it helped that I agreed to leave my car until after brunch and treated him to bacon and mimosas first.  Sorry to any vegetarians, but I think bacon can put a silver lining on just about any situation.

{H&M cropped sweater and maxi skirt; Charlotte Russe wedges; THEIT purse/camera bag; Ray Ban sunglasses; misc. ring}