Paparazzi Chic

I can’t believe I haven’t yet featured a post with my favorite new purchase — my THEIT camera bag/purse.  That’s mostly due to the fact that Stephanie took most of the photos in this week’s posts, but that’s still not much of an excuse since it’s been practically glued to my side since it arrived.  Truth be told I’m borderline obsessed with this little beauty.  It couldn’t be more perfect for carrying both my camera, and all my daily essentials in one perfectly chic and stylish bag.  So despite the dreary weather, while out in town yesterday pricing my previous camera for re-sale and feeling very Parisian chic, it seemed the perfect time to strike a pose with my fabulously multi-purpose purse.

{H&M shorts and striped button down top; THEIT camera bag/purse; Jessica Simpson heels; Michael Kors watch; Forever21 belt and earrings; Libby Edelman tights; Target belt from this dress worn as a bow tie}