Wardrobe Winterizing

When I made the switch from summer to winter wardrobe a few months back, I realized that most all of my “cold weather” dresses… are sleeveless.  Of course I usually pair these pieces with a cardigan or cute blazer, but I’d prefer to not have to always cover up a super cute dress so I’ve been hunting for adorable and affordable long-sleeved options.  Despite my best efforts, I still seem to keep being drawn to the impractical.  Someone recently told me about a site, eShakti, where you could customize sizing and style of their pieces.  I was a little hesitant that their style options would be dowdy or too “mature” for my tastes — and then I saw this pink tiered dress, and yet again, it was sleeveless. I could choose my sleeve and dress length, so even though I wasn’t sure how long-sleeves would look on this silhouette, to be honest, the dress was too cute to pass up.  It arrived last week and I’d planned to save it until Thanksgiving, but ripped the tights I’d picked to go with it.  Begrudgingly I waited till the weekend to wear it, and loved the wrap-around sequin-trimmed ruffle just as much on as I’d expected.  Now I’m eyeing up this with long-sleeves, these in the cropped length and this exactly how it is.  Oh and drooling over their accessories like this necklace and headband.  So excited about this find!!

{eShakti dress; Target clutch and ring; NY&Co. tights; Dollhouse booties; misc. earrings}

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